Scanner for Me: Scan documents App Reviews

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Wonderful App and comes in very handy

Needs improvement and you guys can do it

Needs improvement. If you guys make it easier to organize the folders it would be way better. Adding folders on folders to have everything organized.

Purchase by mistake

Purchase by mistake. Suddenly pop out a screen ask you to purchase.


Rápido y efectivo

So easy to use

This scanner app is so simple and easy to use. Have tried others that are too complicated.

Worst app ever

Unusable, won’t allow upgrade, concerned this is malware. Do not download.

Very easy to use and convenient

Very easy to use and convenient

Just takes a photo not worth the money

Looks just like a photo. Not seeing a difference.


Very bad

No good

Not scanned good on I phone x


Really convenient


Love the little scanner. Helps with work

a trap

free version doesn’t do anything - except persuading to buy a full one; must be sued for a blunt lie


I love this scanner. Scanning a document has never been easier ?

Easy to use, free on top of it!

Love this app!

Love the app

So easy to use

Fast and easy

What a great app!


I love how easy it is to use and send in an email.


Works well

Easy to work with

It works like snapping a photo, but didn’t save a copy on my phone; it could go to My Pictures.

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